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A Toast to Culture and Community

April 26, 2018|By Angelica Palm, Marketing Director

It’s an exciting time for San Antonio! In addition to Fiesta in April, we’re celebrating our city’s tricentennial: three hundred years of heritage, culture and economic growth. We’re proud to call San Antonio our hometown and proud to support the Fiesta Commission.

“Party With a Purpose”

This is the Fiesta Commission’s motto. It started with one parade, the Battle of Flowers, to honor the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. Today, it’s Fiesta’s largest parade, and the only parade in the country to be planned and produced completely by women. Over the years, Fiesta has expanded and become one of the most highly anticipated celebrations in San Antonio.

Fiesta has an enormous economic impact on our community. With parades, carnivals and balls — Fiesta has contributed over $340 million to the local economy. According to a study by the UTSA Center for Community and Business Research, it has supported 3,464 full-time-equivalent local jobs, provided $206.3 million in value, and generated sales tax collections of $3.6 million for local government. The Fiesta Commission also awards scholarships to local students who are involved in one of the 100 participating member organizations — a testament to San Antonio’s investment in our future.

If you haven’t experienced Fiesta yet, we recommend it. Whether you volunteer, sponsor or attend, your contribution can help our community grow. ¡Viva Fiesta!

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