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Business Banker = Business Advisor

May 02, 2017

Steve Villerreal

Senior Vice President

Business Banking Manager


I recently attended a sporting event with a prospective client and introduced him to several peers from other banks. As we were walking away, he made the comment, “Bankers are so different these days… they’re not your stereotypical stiffs in suits and ties.” Of course, I smiled. He made the comment in jest, but it made me think about how significantly the role of a business banker has changed over the years.


Today, it’s more accurate to view your business banker as a financial advisor for your business. You’re wise to include your business banker in your “advisory team” along with your attorney and accountant, because no single one of these professionals is an expert in all financial matters.

As a part of the financial team, your business banker can:

  • Provide a financial review of your business, which is as important for your business as an annual physical exam is for your health. Your banker’s analysis of historical and current financial statements will create an overview of your business’ financial performance and help identify working capital needs, the feasibility of major purchases, how your accounts receivable collection compares to business peers/competition, or a strategy to relocate your business in a larger facility. Most important, your business banker will ask the hard questions and deliver an objective opinion.
  • Help you establish and grow a business network within San Antonio — which is ranked highly among the best large cities to start a business according to WalletHub. Your business banker can help with referrals to a good attorney, accountant, or a personal financial advisor. Your business banker will know about information seminars and can introduce you to other business leaders in the community. Don’t underestimate the power of a good network!


Knowledge and trust drive the good relationship you have with your business banker. Knowledge of your business means your banker can react quickly when necessary. Trust means your banker has your interests at heart and won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.


Today, business bankers are not just experts on loans and deposits. Their skill set and experience can help you take your business to the next level. 

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