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The Bank of San Antonio: San Antonio’s Best Workplace

October 21, 2016|By Angelica Palm
Female smiling, leaning on a desk.

                  Angelica Palm

            President, Marketing


The Power of Our Why:
Entrepreneurial Excellence

The “power of our why” here at The Bank of San Antonio is that each of us is driven by an entrepreneurial mindset — we carry out our brand promise of exceptional service because we believe that each opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our team and clients… matters. Like the entrepreneurs we partner with, we are innovators working to make San Antonio thrive.

We are proud to be named San Antonio Express-News “Top Workplace”, because it recognizes what our team already knows we are high performing, dedicated and grit-filled corporate athletes. We run fast, and we run with heart.

Working Stronger Together

We have built a culture that’s about helping each of our teammates reach their full potential, to grow intrinsic talent, and advocate growth both inside and outside of our doors. It strikes me to the core every day to see the degree to which our team goes the extra mile to earn respect and trust. I see collaborations at every turn at our bank, between our bankers, our insurance team and private banking—all working in unison to curate solutions. We work stronger together, consistently catching the ball and knowing our teammates are there to deliver the play.

Making a Difference

I am filled with gratitude to work with some of the best people in our industry, but what makes me most proud is the likeminded grit and integrity that ties us together. I see how our team makes a difference in the lives of our business owners and their families, because they too know that we deliver on our promises. They can count on us the way we count on each other.

Better and Better, Year by Year 

As we come upon our 10 th year in business, I see our pace quickening as we consistently improve our processes, and grow with our clients. With each new hire, our bank’s high-performance business engine becomes more powerful. Congratulations to The Bank of San Antonio employees, and thank you for inspiring the next generation of bankers, insurance advocates and wealth advisors to act with honor and courage. We are watching, listening and learning. 

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