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What We Create: Packard Law Firm Branches out with Family

September 28, 2018
Packard Law Firm Attorneys

Packard Law Firm Attorneys from left to right: Samuel W. Packard, Michael J. Packard, Daniel W. Packard, David B. Packard, Alison M. Packard, and Dustin J. Draper. 

Over 50 years ago Bernard Packard began practicing law in Southeast Texas. Bernard or “Bernie” was a “people’s lawyer,” specializing in everything from criminal law to wills and estates. He and his late wife Sarah Packard raised a large family of 13. Four of the sons came together to create the Packard Law Firm in San Antonio.

A Foundation Built on Family

The Packard Law Firm is one of few family-owned and operated law firms founded in our city and takes pride in specializing in personal injury law, social security disability, bankruptcy, and special needs planning. These four major areas were at the heart of their father’s practice, and are an essential part of their family’s core values as well as their practice. “ We seek to help those who need it the most — people who are struggling and have been disenfranchised. It is how our father practiced and it’s how we choose to practice.” The firm’s growth in new litigation cases has become an integral part of the firm’s development. Daniel and Samuel Packard’s recent win of a landmark ruling obtained a $166 Million verdict in the “Murder-For-Hire Life Insurance” case in Tarrant County, Texas – Fox v. Buckland.

Teamwork is paramount for the Packard partners, so much so that the five siblings have a standing bi-monthly video gaming session to build and sustain their relationship with one another. “As an entrepreneur, you’re making thousands of decisions and your natural disposition is to focus on some and not on others, but the reality is you can’t neglect who you choose to work with. Your team matters. Who you have in your court matters.”

Additionally, the relationship they have with their clients is important — they always have their clients’ best interests at heart. They also hold their bank to that same standard, and appreciate that The Bank of San Antonio’s approach mirrors their own business mentality:

“We feel a kinship with The Bank of San Antonio. You get a sense that they care about your business in a way that other banks don’t, and it’s evident in every level of service.”

With plans for expansion, the firm is steadfast in growing their business with The Bank of San Antonio.

Propelling Businesses Forward Since 2007

Family owned and operated business like The Packard Law Firm motivate us to foster business expansion with strategic and tailored banking solutions. Together, we can build something better. Discover which lending options your business is eligible for today. If you would like to discuss building your business, you can reach out to Denise Garcia by calling 210-424-8771 or emailing [email protected].

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