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Learn From the Cyber Fraud Defense Specialists at The Bank of San Antonio.

November 05, 2018
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With the annual increase in electronic business transactions year after year, fraudulent activity is continually on the rise — and that surge is alarming given the number of protective measures available. Organizations and businesses can’t assume they’re protected from all payments fraud, but there certainly are ways that fraud can be mitigated.


The continuously evolving business landscape is an ideal environment for innovation, so your treasury management team’s function must keep adapting to create sustainable value. A strong team can help you maximize the use of funds in ways that are unique to your business (e.g. developing custom applications for stationary cash). 

“If you are planning on growing your company, you must also plan on managing that growth’s income.” – Steven Espinoza | Treasury Management Sales Consultant with 15 years of industry knowledge, from implementing services to general operations.


Treasury management professionals provide solutions for controlling internal and external fraud risks. Well-developed teams can aid in the management of Automated Clearing House (ACH) filters to designate your account’s outgoing debts and verify payments of internal funds. Business leaders should be vigilant in their efforts to prevent future fraud attempts, and make it more difficult for criminals to hack into their payment systems.

“It’s our job to educate and address our clients’ treasury concerns. We are experts in treasury management — The Bank of San Antonio is business-driven, which is why we customize our solutions to fit each of our clients’ business needs.” – Jennifer Lincoln | Treasury Management Sales Consultant with 15 years of financial expertise. 


A successful relationship between a business and its treasury management banking partners relies on the power of collaboration. A collaborative treasury management team is able to see a business through the owner’s eyes and help to identify areas of inefficiency. They’ll also aid in facilitating a business’s growth in the ever-evolving technology industry, reducing the risk of fraud that comes with new technological advancements.

“I was impressed with the way The Bank of San Antonio truly partners with their clients. I have met almost everyone at The Bank, and they make you feel important. They manage The Bank like I manage my business, making sure their customers are happy.”  Sandra Hernandez-Yedor |Founder and designer of Lili Alessandra Home. 


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Jennifer Lincoln
TM Sales Consultant
   Steven Espinoza
   TM Sales Consultant


The Bank of San Antonio can help you find the right risk protection for your business, your employees, and your money. Want to learn more about our treasury management services and how you can prepare for the unexpected? Reach out to discuss your current operations and needs by calling Steven Espinoza at 210-807-5515 or Jennifer Lincoln at 210-807-5532.

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